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Never was a corn flake girl.

Nope. I’ve never been the cereal-for-breakfast type of person. Cereal has always left me unsatisfied with a cold, hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach. And secondly, milk = blech. Can’t do it. Growing up I always preferred a hot and hearty cooked breakfast over a prepackaged one. Like a bowl of steaming white rice generously topped with butter and sprinkled with sugar. (Thanks to my Jamaican baby sitter for introducing me to that one.)

Anyways, lately I’ve been on a kale & egg kick and it all started with this recipe for Kuku ye sabzi from the Persian recipe bible, Food of Life.  Though typically served for Persian New Year (Nowruz) this cousin to the frittata is enough alone or great in between toasted ciabatta bread. Recently my family visited from out of town and I made this simple no fuss breakfast. They raved about it. It’s so easy it practically cooks itself. And it’s a satisfying way to incorporate vegetables and herbs into your diet.

I’ve prepared it a couple different ways. Substituting the baby kale with chopped spinach, or parsley works just as well.

You will need:

8 large eggs

¼ teaspoon garam masala or advieh

1/8 teaspoon black or pink salt (or less to taste)

1/8 teaspoon lemon pepper


organic baby kale chopped

1-2 tablespoons salted butter

cast iron skillet (my preference)

toasted ciabatta bread (optional)


Finely chop the baby kale and put in the bowl.

Combine 8 eggs and spices in bowl with kale and whisk until uniform.

In a buttered iron skillet on medium heat, pour in egg mixture.

When the kuku firms up on the sides, run your spatula along the perimeter, separating the egg from the skillet. Lower the heat until the egg is almost firm. Then with the spatula carefully flip the whole kuku over. Turn the stove off and let the eggs finish with the skillet’s residual heat. You will know the kuku is finished by poking the center of it with a fork. If liquid comes out, cook in the skillet a little longer, until the center is dry. Cut and serve.

Serves 4.


About the photography:

Camera: Canon 60D // Lens: 50mm // Lighting: All photos were shot in natural north east lighting.


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